Curvato 1200×900

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Project Description

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Door Height 1950mm


  • Low profile tray with 40mm upstand
  • 1950mm high glass
  • Minimalistic modern style
  • Door has 6mm safety glass with double rollers top and bottom
  • Glass compliant to AS/NZ2208 Safety Standard
  • Available in White or Silva
  • Black coming soon
  • Magnetic seal on closing edge of doors
  • Solid polished metal handle, inner and outer
  • Wheels pre-assembled onto doors

Includes waste, silicone and adhesive.

LH Tray

Central Waste
Flat Wall White Door LH CR12x9WHFWLH $1,709.00
Flat Wall Silva Door LH  CR12x9SIFWLH $1,739.00
Flat Wall Black Door LH  CR12x9BLFWLH $1,989.00
Moulded Wall White Door LH  CR12x9WHMWLH $1,819.00
Moulded Wall Silva Door LH  CR12x9SIMWLH $1,849.00
Moulded Wall Black Door LH  CR12x9BLMWLH $2,099.00

RH Tray

Central Waste
Flat Wall White Door RH CR12X9WHFWRH $1,709.00
Flat Wall Silva Door RH CR12X9SIFWRH $1,739.00
Flat Wall Black Door RH CR12X9BLFWRH $1,989.00
Moulded Wall White Door RH CR12X9WHMWRH $1,819.00
Moulded Wall Silva Door RH CR12X9SIMWRH $1,849.00
Moulded Wall Black Door RH  CR12X9BLMWRH $2,099.00

Shower kit includes:

  • Wall liner
  • Tray
  • Door and return panel
  • Waste
  • Silicone
  • Adhesive