Premier Frameless 2 Sided Sliding Door Shower 1200×1000

Premier Frameless 2 Sided Sliding Door Shower 1200×1000 2021-10-12T21:19:54+00:00

Project Description

Download Spec Sheet – 2 Sided

2 Panel Sliding Door

Overall Height 2060mm


  • 2m high glass
  • 8mm frameless safety glass
  • Wall and floor minimalistic extrusion allows adjustment to wall and floor
  • Door closes to glass return
  • No silicone joins required to glass
  • Concentric wheels at top allows door adjustment
  • High-quality stainless/alloy fittings designed for installation with acrylic tray and liner
  • Also suitable for tile installations (Doors and Tray can be purchased separately for a wall and/or floor tile installation)

Includes waste, silicone and adhesive

2 Panel Sliding Door
Flat Wall Silva LH SP12X1SIFWLH $2,139.00
Flat Wall Silva RH SP12X1SIFWRH $2,139.00
Flat Wall Black LH SP12X1BLFWLH $2,569.00
Flat Wall Black RH SP12X1BLFWRH $2,569.00
LH Tray
RH Tray

Shower kit includes:

  • Wall liner
  • Tray
  • Door and return panel
  • Waste
  • Silicone
  • Adhesive