Q. I have an old 3 sided shower with a shower curtain. Can I get a door to replace the old curtain? And how do I go about measuring the right size?

A. Yes, we have 2 door options – adjustable pivots click here, and 3 panel stackers click here.

To identify the size door you need, simply measure the existing doorway width. You need the distance at the bottom of the walls, and at approximately 1800mm up the wall.

Q. I have an older acrylic shower cubicle. The tray and liner are in good condition, but the door and glass have seen better days. Can I just purchase replacement doors and glass?

A. Yes, our entire range of shower doors can be purchased separately.

Q. What do you suggest I clean my new shower with?

A. Click here to see our Cleaning and Maintenance instructions. We also recommend protecting your glass with VitroGlaze Glass treatment from new. Visit the VitroGlaze website.

Q. I’m your average DIY sort of person, can I install the shower myself, and what advantage is there to getting an installer to do it?

A. Yes, you can install a shower yourself. However, we recommend contacting a trained professional, as most shower installers will provide you with a guarantee for the installation, and its a very cost-effective way to have peace of mind. To find your nearest installer click here.

Q. I’ve recently installed a shower cubicle, but there is no storage for soap and bottles. I don’t like stick-on or hanging accessories. Do you have something that would suit?

A. Yes, we have a large range of storage options to suit every installation.  Click here to see our range.  Normally these are installed into timber behind the liner and GIB at the initial installation stage, but they can be installed into the liner and GIB with use of a high-quality hollow wall anchor.  There is also a Hanging Shower Caddy which is installed onto the Shower Glass and can be removed easily.

Q. How do I know if I need a Left Hand or Right Hand Tray for my shower installation?

A. Click here for our Tray Orientation Guide which will help you determine which tray orientation you need.