Aquero Alcove 900x1200x900

Aquero Alcove 900x1200x900 2021-10-06T21:49:50+00:00

Project Description

Download Spec Sheet – Pivot Door
Download Spec Sheet – 2 Panel Sliding Door
Download Spec Sheet – 3 Panel Stacker Door

Door Height 1950mm


  • Low profile tray with 40mm upstand
  • Tray is Rear Centre Waste
  • 1950mm high glass
  • Total OVERALL height 2020mm
  • 6mm safety glass compliant to AS/NZS2208 Safety Standard

Pivot Door

  • Modern design which is reversible (flip to fit)
  • Magnetic strip on closing edge of Pivot Door
  • Removeable drip strip with gutter on Pivot Door models
  • Available in White and Silva

2 Panel Sliding Door

  • Reversible – can open left to right or right to left
  • Extrusions allow for adjustment to wall and floor
  • High quality hardware
  • Available in White and Silva
  • Black coming soon

Stacker Door

  • Reversible – can open left to right or right to left
  • Stacker Door is available in a Silva finish only
  • Internal slider (no door swing out means no water on the floor and water drains back into the shower)
  • Stacker Door panels go behind the bottom extrusion

Includes waste, silicone and adhesive.

Pivot Door
Flat Wall White Door 3614517 $1,709.00
Flat Wall Silva Door 3614519 $1,779.00
Moulded Wall* White Door 3614518 $1,819.00
Moulded Wall* Silva Door 3614520 $1,879.00
2 Panel Sliding Door
Flat Wall White Door S9X12X9AQAWHFWZ $1,709.00
Flat Wall Silva Door S9X12X9AQASIFWZ $1,759.00
Flat Wall Black Door S9X12X9AQABLFWZ $1,999.00
Moulded Wall* White Door S9X12X9AQAWHMWZ $1,819.00
Moulded Wall* Silva Door S9X12X9AQASIMWZ $1,869.00
Moulded Wall* Black Door S9X12X9AQABLMWZ $2,099.00
3 Panel Sliding Stacker Door
Flat Wall Silva Door S9X12X9AQASIFWS $1,879.00
Moulded Wall* Silva Door S9X12X9AQASIMWS $1,989.00

*Moulded Wall on back wall as standard


Shower kit includes:

  • Wall liner
  • Tray
  • Door and return panel
  • Waste
  • Silicone
  • Adhesive